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The Centre for Basic Studies in Ethics and Philosophy at Freiburg University

The main responsibility in the co-ordination of the EPG is to organize and apply qualified interdisciplinary teacher training courses.

The EPG focuses on highlighting interdisciplinary aspects of various degree programmes and their ethical-philosophical outlook. Thus the EPG establishes a network between the different faculities of the University of Freiburg. In correspondence with other Baden-Württemberg EPG-centres, criteria for the content and form of the courses offered are specified. The EPG-teachers also advise and support the different institutions in the planning and application of the EPG-course offer – this is also done in the form of “team teaching”. The teachers themselves build up contacts and organise further training modules for the teachers from the different departments offering EPG-courses. In addition, the centre pools and publishes the entire EPG-curriculum at the University of Freiburg. The centre also organizes the EPG-related communication for the different courses and are happy to answer all EPG-related questions. We are available via E-Mail and during office hours.